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Are you planning to migrate your native mobile apps to a hybrid platform?

Learn more about the advantages of migrating your apps to Flutter, the new hybrid development kit created by Google.

Please use our calculator to get a first insight into potential cost savings, migration costs and time of amortization.

Should I migrate my existing native apps to Flutter?

Developing mobile applications using a hybrid platform like Flutter is a good choice for most mobile application projects. But what about companies that already run native apps? Does it make sense to migrate them to a hybrid platform? What would the migration costs be and how much can you save afterwards if you deploy two applications from a single code base?

These are questions that many mobile device developers may have asked themselves.

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How does the calculator work?

Our calculator gives you a first indication of how much the migration from native apps to Flutter would cost and how quickly this investment will pay off for you.

We calculate the migration effort based on your answer to a few questions. The payback period of this investment is mainly due to the lower maintenance costs after the migration. If you deploy two applications from a single code base, your maintenance, change requests, testing and support will be nearly half the cost of running two native applications.

For the calculation we need the following information from you

Development effort

How much time did you initially invest in your app? How much did you invest in maintaining and changing your app?

Number of releases

How often do you update your app?

External libaries

How many external libaries or SDKs are you using?

Backend support

How much of your business logic is running on your backend servers?

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Would you like a more detailed analysis of your app?

Would you like a detailed analysis for your apps? At the end of the calculator you can leave us your contact details and the name of your app. We will then take a closer look at the migration costs of your app and contact you to make you a migration offer.

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