Welcome to our Flutter Migration website

Welcome to our Flutter Migration website

Dear user,

last week we launched this new website. It was a pretty busy week, so I find some time right now to publish our first blog post.

Since we have been in the mobile development business for many years, we knew that Flutter is a very good choice when starting a new project from scratch. But what about companies that already run native apps?

About 2 years ago a customer approached us with the request to make some major changes to their apps. He was running native apps and was quite annoyed to pay twice for the changes, namely for his iOS and Android app. The question arose how much it would cost to migrate the existing apps to Flutter and how quickly this investment would pay off.

Well, our first estimate was not very accurate. But we learned over time and tried different migration technologies. Today we know from our experience what the migration costs are. We have identified success factors and the critical path.

This website is designed to support anyone who is thinking about migrating their own apps to Flutter. With our calculator tool we give you an initial cost estimate and based on that an amortization period of your investment.

We will use this blog to provide you with interesting articles about the success factor and common mistakes in migration projects.

Stay tuned and do not hesitate to reach out to us, if you have any question.

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